Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Ways A Parent can Help A Child With ODD

~Take a break if you feel you are going to make a conflict with your child worset
~Give your child praise when he/she shows cooperation

~Prioritize the things that you want your child to do, one at a time.

~Enforce limits...let your child know that there are limits to what he/she can do and let him/her know that there are consequences if he/she does not stay within these limits. At all times follow through with the consequences so that your child will learn not to do things that he/she is not supposed to do.

~With my own daughter, we have tried to get her to take a time out when she feels a need to explode or to start a conflict. This helps and we are still working on it, but try to explain this to your child. Explain to them that they can go to a safe place...their room, dog lot, etc. and take a few minutes to calm down and think about something good.

There are many ways to help your child, it's just finding the right ways and being able to help them and help yourself at the same time.


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