Friday, February 5, 2010

ADHD in Relation to ODD

Nearly half of all children and adults with attention deficit disorder also suffer from a comorbid condition such as anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, or even oppositional defiant disorder. It is exceptionally rare for a physician to see a child with only ODD. Usually the child has some other neuropsychiatric disorder along with ODD. The tendency for disorders in medicine to occur together is called comorbidity. Many conditions can accompany ADHD, so like with Cayle, testing should be done to see if there is another condition which may be causing your child's behavior so that all conditions can be treated. Like me, some parents probably think "Oh my child is ADHD, I will get my Dr. to put him/her on an ADHD medicine and all will be fine". This is not always the case. ADHD meds are great for the ADHD, but there may be something else wrong as well. If a child comes to a clinic and is diagnosed with ADHD, about 30-40% of the time the child will also have ODD.
Children and adolescents with ADHD alone do things without thinking, but not necessarily oppositional things. An ADHD child may impulsively do something to someone and be sorry for it. A child with ODD plus ADHD might do something to someone and say she didn't do it.
ODD is characterized by aggressiveness, but not impulsiveness. In ODD people annoy you purposefully, While it is usually not so purposeful in ADHD. ODD signs and symptoms are much more difficult to live with than ADHD. Children with ODD can sit still.

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